The Alyeska Caravan 2016

This entry has been reconstructed from files and photos recovered from the original 2016 post. Photos will not all be in chronological order.

New Tow Vehicle

Following an unfortunate disagreement with our GPS in the last truck, we ended up on an unmarked dead-end road in rural Virginla. 450 feet in, we came to a cattle gate, and there was no place to turn around (the trailer was attached) After backing out blind and assessing the damage, a decision was made to get a new truck with more technology and more cameras, sensore, etc. Meet our 2020 GMC Denali HD, with the Duramax next generation diesel and a 10-speed Allison transmission. Data is constantly collected from the trailer while connected, and two cameras are being installed on the trailer that also connect directly to the truck. Now I feel better about the next “wrong” turn!

Creature comforts

While the Airstream has been idle, it’s been time for for a few improvements and fixes.

First, the shower. During the trip including the Alyeska Caravan in 2016, the residential shower door installed in our Classic Limited dropped badly out of adjustment. Since the hinge and associated hardware is part of the frame, we put up with lifting the door to swing it open or closed. Well, Airstream has released a repair kit for this condition, and we got one. It will be in place for this trip.

Television has always been a hit or miss option at most campgrounds. We now have a DishTV bundle for the Airstream, which will be set out on a tripod whenever we camp. It’s a pay as you go system, so you only pay for what you use.

More and more campgrounds are prohibiting open or “camp” fires, so we got a Solo Ranger stainless steel fire pit with a spark arrester and vented stand. It takes all the risk out of having a nice wood fire, and there are a hundred uses for the ash you produce when you’re done with it.

I rigged up a “foam cannon” which will coat the entire trailer in a cleansing foam, to be rinsed off 3 or 4 minutes later, leaving what I hope will be a spotless finish! Stay posted. Photos if it works.

All of that will be followed by a thorough cleaning, and then we’re on the road of February 8th.

Everything’s fixed and we’re heading out again

In September of last year while trying to find a friend’s house in Virginia, we ended up dead-ended on a one-lane road with nowhere to turn the rig around.  Doing the only thing we could, we BACKED OUT 450 feet in a blinding thunderstorm with no cameras on the trailer.  This involved getting out of the truck constantly and walking to the rear of the trailer to sight the way back.  Eventually we did make it out of that tight spot, but both sides of the trailer were badly scuffed by tree branches, two compartment doors disappeared (found them the next day), and we lost all of the rear support for the awning!

The truck got traded for a new one with plenty of cameras in it, including two for the trailer.  The awning struts have been replaced and installed, and careful hand polishing has erased most of the scuffing.  All that remains now is the occasional nightmare!

February will begin our next trip out to Tucson for the Gem Show, Prescott, Jerome, Sedona and Phoenix.  One the way home we’ll wander around New Mexico for a while, then stop in New Orleans and Biloxi, both of which we have consistently missed in the past.  This promises to be an exciting trip, and we may even get to see a little snow for a change.

Havana, Florida – Spring 2019

Havana Florida sits 12 north of Tallahassee on US-27.  It was a town known in its hayday for growing Shade Tobacco.  Havana was founded in 1908 with a population of 432.  When a fire devastated most of the town in 1918, the people rebuilt.  They also bid farewell to their two-wheeled fire cart and bought a modern fire engine.  That worked, and the town is flourishing today.  Here are some photos, both historical and from our 2019 Airstream gathering in Havana.


Starting again . . .

Although this blog was begun in 2012, technical issues corrupted the database beyond recovery so we’re starting again.  This space is being held to contain any commentary and photos that can be recovered from the old site.


That being said, it’s June 2019, and here we go!